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I would never

In our line of work, Ray and I spend a good amount of time engaging in physical altercations with criminals. While the two of us would prefer not to cause any serious damage to them, I'm afraid they have no such concerns when it comes to us. There are people who set out to hurt us; I've been on the receiving end of brass knuckles more than once, and it isn't an experience I want to repeat.

And I don't ever want to be that man. The one who hurts and doesn't care about the damage he's causing -- the one who's giving pain for its own sake, because he can, because he wants to see someone bleeding.

But watching Ray after we've had a run-in with someone, when he walks into work stiff and aching and bruised, when his nervous energy is wrapped around him like a tangible aura and he presses at the bruises on his arms or his legs or his neck--I look at him and I think about what it would be like to watch him touching his bruises if I'd been the one to put them there.

I can't continue like this.

Muse: Benton Fraser
Fandom: due South
Word count: 197
Disclaimer: Benton Fraser and all other characters mentioned here are property Alliance Atlantis; no infringement intended, no money made.

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